Michigan rolls over Purdue: 48 to 21

Well if this was the game we thought would define the season… in August, Michigan seems to be rolling.   Michigan crushed Purdue.  I was deep in the Canadian woods and missed the whole game…  bummer


From what I have read, Michigan was truely dominate.   Mario Manningham was THE man on the field, by setting a new career high with 147 yards on eight catches, resulting in a pair of TDs!

It will be interesting to see how we do in Champlain on Saturday.   As of 1:30 PST, there have been 12 top 10 teams go down to unranked teams this year. GO VANDY(-;  Unbelievable!   The word is flat this year.    I am hoping OSU and Michigan can stay undefeated in the Big 10 until they meet Nov 17th.  However, they have 2 games vs. Illinois, Wisconsin, and MSU (OSU having no issues at the half), and 1 game against an improved PSU.    Odds are against both teams winning from here out.


 Everything seems to be working for Michigan – let’s see if Carr can keep it going. 

What is the status of Hart??????


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Total yards offense per game in NCAA Football

So Navin thinks that it is easier to get yards in the modern era than in the past. 

 Here is a stat I would love to see: average yards of offence/game/season for the big 10 1930-2007.   It should show growth when James indicated the rules changed on blocking….. However, the data I could find dose not support this position (blocking rules changed = more total offence).   Although not apples to apples, I looked at the median offence per game in the big 10 so far this year – 415-430 yds (see NCAA stats site below – kinda cool) http://web1.ncaa.org/d1mfb/2007/Internet/conf%20stats/2007000000827TD.HTML The only historical data I could get was University of Alabama for their average yards of offence/game/season.  See below the sample data – from 1950-1989.  The median is still 415-430 yards per game…..   

Alabama Records 


Year  Avg.

1950 416.2

1964 312.9

1972 409.2

1973 480.7

1977 416.7

1978 403.0

1979 428.6

1983 424.1

1989 434.4 

 I guess the field is still 100 yards long with 11 guys on each side of the ball, but still looking for better data to see if this is true or not(-;

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Anthony Carter was not in the top 5

anthony-carter.jpgOK – I am all for sticking up for a little guy and loving the guy who was there when you were at school, but AC just does not rank that high.   All the records he set have fallen – makes it difficult to claim “all time guy” status and if your “big game” play was against Indiana – Please!   He played for the USFL out of college and never got past 4 in the Heisman ballot.     See AC’s records below. 

Hart will pass him in TDs and all purpose career yards by the end of the season.    I am still going with the current little guy.  My top 10 are:
1. Hart
2. Harmon
3. Woodson (Andrew made a great case)
4. Harbaugh
5.  Brady
6. A.C.
7. Ty Wheatley
8. Braylon Edwards

9. Anthony Thomas

10. Desmond Howard
AC’s Records
*  touchdowns: 40 (now ranks fourth; record held by Anthony Thomas with 56)
*  receptions: 161 (now ranks fourth; record held by Braylon Edwards with 252)
* receiving yards: 3,076 (now ranks second; record held by Braylon Edwards with 3,541)
* touchdown receptions: 37 (now ranks second; record held by Braylon Edwards with 39)
* punt returns: 79 (now ranks second; record held by Steve Breaston with 127)
* punt return yardage: 907 (now ranks second; record held by Steve Breaston with 1,599)
* kickoff returns: 63 (now ranks second; record held by Steve Breaston with 81)
* kickoff return yardage: 1,606 (now ranks second; record held by Steve Breaston with 1,993)


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The case for Anthony Carter


Nav -You and the others make really good points.  IMO, a great Michigan player should stack up not only against other great Michigan players, but against the pantheon of other great college football players at his position (which is why I brought up Bush).  Woodson and AC definitely do well in that regard, Harbaugh, Harmon and Hart, maybe not so well.  In ABC Sports’ College Football All-Time All-America Team both Woodson and AC were 1st team picks at their position, with AC being mentioned first for his position and Woodson 2nd.  Woodson threw his team on his back by the seeming force of will; I agree with Andrew that a lot of that MNC has to go Woodson, a superlative, one-of-a-kind performer on a great defense.

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AC was the best

Andy K

Okay, this is my first post. Here is my opinion (since you are all probably just dying to hear it) For Michigan football it’s Harmon and Woodson and everyone else (AC, then Harbaugh and Hart).   Two MAJOR points for these guys (in addition to the ones made by you guys).  Harmon got a standing ovation from the crowd AT OHIO STATE (that’s how awesome he was).  Woodson won a national title for Carr.  Think about that.  It’s like Vince Young and Mack Brown.  After Vince left Texas, they went back to being mediocre.  Woodson took an average coach and made him look good. Some interesting pieces of info people didn’t mention.  Harbaugh broke his arm as a sophomore starter and Michigan went 6-6 that year and came roaring back with 2 strong years.  Hart was hurt much of 2005 (his sophmore year), we go 7-5, Michigan comes back REAL strong in 06 and if they ran the rest of the table in 07 it would be a solid year.  Somewhat similar scenarios. AC was WITHOUT A DOUBT incredible.  You watch clips of him now and they’re still awesome.  Got a coach who hated the forward pass to throw the ball.  I would put him slightly behind Harmon and Woodson. Harbaugh was the first true big time drop back passer we had.  Incredible talent around him.  He’s probably at the top of a very strong third group. Brady was however very average his junior year (you might even say he sucked), that’s why we had a quarterback controversy when Henson was a sophomore and Brady was a senior.  If you go by college careers alone, not a factor.  Brady did however have the best game a Michigan QB has ever had against Alabama in the Orange Bowl! Where would Michigan have been these four years w/o Mike Hart.  The dropoff is huge and you could say he’s good for 3-4 wins alone per season.   The guy is a freakin horse. I therefore put him right behind AC and in line with Harbaugh. 

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Hart IS the best back Michigan has ever had (Hart vs. Harmon)

 Hart vs. Harmon

  Hart Harmon
Total Rush Yards 4,655 2,134
TDs 39 33
Total Yards/Games Played 137 143

 The Michigan Daily recently picked up this thread as well.  Let me first say that, it is no contest who is the best overall player ever to wear the maize and blue.   Harmon wins hands down (see below summary on Harmon’s career) However, I think Mike Hart is the best running back we have ever had.  It is hard to make the comparison – games played/year; years played; complete career vs. partial; running back vs. guy to played two ways HB/QB/punter/place kicker.  The best stats on a head to head basis I think are yards per carry and rushing TDs per game.  On these metrics, it splits one for Hart and one for Harmon.  I have not been able to get fumbles stat on Harmon – Help? 

On balance, I think you have to look at total career rushing yards, yards per carry, fumbles, and rushing TDs. 

These stats go Hart’s way 3:1 Mike Hart is the best back we have ever had.  

Hart Career to date Rushing Stats:

Att: 929

Yd+: 4785Yd-: (130)

Net Yd: 4,655

Yd/Att: 5.0

TD: 37


100+ Games:22

200+ Games: 5

Avg Yds/Game Played: 122

Games Played: 38


Rush TDs/Games Played: 0.97 

Career Recieving Stats:

Recp: 65

Yds: 552

Yds/Recp: 8.5

TD: 2

Lng: 39 

Total Avg Yds/Games Played: 137

Total Avg TDs/Games Played: 1.02

Games Played: 38  

Harmon Career Rushing Stats:

Att: 398

Net Yd: 2,134

Yd/Att: 5.36

TD: 17

Passing: 1,304

Avg Yds/Game Played Rushing: 122

Total Avg Yds/Games Played: 137

Rush TDs/Games Played: 0.71


Career QB Stats:

Yds: 1,304

TD: 16 

Total Avg Yds/Games Played: 143

Total Avg TDs/Games Played: 1.37

Games Played: 24  


In his three seasons, old ninety-eight scored 33 touchdowns, kicked two field goals and kicked 33 points after touchdowns for 237 points, and threw 16 touchdown passes. He gained 3,438 yards rushing and passing, and played almost every minute of his three-year career. A solid 193 pounds, Harmon was a power runner noted for his cutbacks through tackles-usually with his ripped jersey. He was probably the finest ball carrier in the country in his time. Against Ohio State in his final college football game, Harmon went 11 for 12 throwing the ball for 151 yards and 2 TDs. He also ran for 139 yards and 2 TDs, kicked four extra points and intercepted three passes as the Wolverines trounced Ohio State 40-0.  In his final game at Michigan, Harmon led Michigan to a 40-0 victory at Ohio State, scoring three rushing touchdowns, two passing touchdowns and four extra points. When he left the field, the fans in Columbus gave him a standing ovation.  He became Michigan’s first Heisman Trophy winner following the 1940 season and also received the Chicago Tribune’s Silver Football as the Big Ten’s MVP.  He played 8 games and never left the field – the full 60 mins!


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Is Mike Hart the best Michigan back ever?

hart2.jpgSolid win over EMU today.  Another outstanding game by Mike Hart.  Mike was 22 attempts for 215 yds and 3 TDs! Mike is now the all time career rusher with 4,655 yds and not a single fumble – unbelievable stats.  Mike gets my vote as the best we have ever seen – wins over Purdue, Wisconsin, and Ohio State will make this a slam dunk.  Mike now leads in career yards, carries without a fumble, career 100 yd plus games, career 200 yd plus games, career average yards per game, etc etc.

Big 10 is again all over the road today with Wisconsin and MSU going down.  Ohio State & Purdue game should be interesting.   Rashard Mendenhall’s  (RB @ Illinois) win over Wisconsin today was also very very impressive. 


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