The case for Anthony Carter


Nav -You and the others make really good points.  IMO, a great Michigan player should stack up not only against other great Michigan players, but against the pantheon of other great college football players at his position (which is why I brought up Bush).  Woodson and AC definitely do well in that regard, Harbaugh, Harmon and Hart, maybe not so well.  In ABC Sports’ College Football All-Time All-America Team both Woodson and AC were 1st team picks at their position, with AC being mentioned first for his position and Woodson 2nd.  Woodson threw his team on his back by the seeming force of will; I agree with Andrew that a lot of that MNC has to go Woodson, a superlative, one-of-a-kind performer on a great defense.


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  1. cblue

    Navin says….

    Oh, and in reference to Baylyff’s email from about 10 ago on this thread… Lytle was white. And white RBs are not a dying species. They’re a dying race. Whites are the same species as blacks. We’re not inferior or less evolved than you just because our skin is lighter. We’re every bit as capable. If only someone would give us a chance…;-)

    BTW, speaking of which, you have to check out the highlights of a kid UM is getting next year out of Texas, Sam McGuffie. Go to this link and watch one of the highlight videos. It’s ridiculous. He ran for over 3100 yards and scored 43 TDs last year. If he can hold onto the football, he may put himself into the position of getting some carries next year.

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