Michigan back in the top 25?

It seems like Michigan should get ranked back in the top 25 after this week.   Likely 25-23.   The stats on defense are remarkable from the time English laid the law down on Crable to step up. 
Michigan’s defense has given up just 16 points in two games after allowing 73 against Appalachian State and Oregon.  Is the difference the seniors stepping up (Hart, Long, Crable) or is it not having to face the spread?  Either way, Michigan has to ranked above Penn State.  Michigan should be in the top 25.

 By the way – what do you make of App St. going down to Wofford.  WHO???



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3 responses to “Michigan back in the top 25?

  1. cblue

    OK, so maybe Michigan has not earned the right to get back in the top 25 yet – but Penn State is still there in the AP poll with 337 votes??? PLEASE! Penn State over #22. Alabama 3-1 265; #23. Arizona State 4-0 206; #24. Cincinnati 4-0 164 ; and #25. Nebraska 3-1. Not to mention Purdue 73, Miami (FL) 72, Michigan State 60, UCLA 27, Texas A&M 21, Michigan 21, Arkansas 10, Kansas 6, Florida State 5, UCF 4, Connecticut 3, Virginia 2, Tennessee 1. I would put all of these schools ahead of a weak Penn State.

    Evidently, 337 sports writers are still a little embarrassed about ranking Penn State in the top 10 last week…..

  2. jnavin

    I’m so not worried about the rankings at this point. Michigan will get the ranking it deserves at the end of the season. And, it’s not like they have a shot at any national championship anyway. So, if they’re behind another 2-loss team at some point, who cares?

    If they can beat Purdue in 3 weeks’ time, they’ll deserve (and receive) a top 25 ranking. They can climb from there if they continue to win.

    Speaking of which, UM fans should be very concerned about that Purdue game. That offense looked very good against Minnesota and may prove difficult for Michigan to stop.

  3. Its a total toss-up, who cares about ranking… Here is what your own Ann Arbor News had to say on Big 10 prospects.

    “Let’s say Michigan beats Penn State, Penn State beats Ohio State, and Ohio State beats Michigan. All three teams end up with one conference loss. In that scenario, the Lions win a tie-breaker over Michigan and Ohio State because those teams played I-AA opponents. That’s right, playing a I-AA team can eliminate you from the Rose Bowl. It’s a little-discussed Big Ten rule instituted prior to the 2006 season.”

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