AC was the best

Andy K

Okay, this is my first post. Here is my opinion (since you are all probably just dying to hear it) For Michigan football it’s Harmon and Woodson and everyone else (AC, then Harbaugh and Hart).   Two MAJOR points for these guys (in addition to the ones made by you guys).  Harmon got a standing ovation from the crowd AT OHIO STATE (that’s how awesome he was).  Woodson won a national title for Carr.  Think about that.  It’s like Vince Young and Mack Brown.  After Vince left Texas, they went back to being mediocre.  Woodson took an average coach and made him look good. Some interesting pieces of info people didn’t mention.  Harbaugh broke his arm as a sophomore starter and Michigan went 6-6 that year and came roaring back with 2 strong years.  Hart was hurt much of 2005 (his sophmore year), we go 7-5, Michigan comes back REAL strong in 06 and if they ran the rest of the table in 07 it would be a solid year.  Somewhat similar scenarios. AC was WITHOUT A DOUBT incredible.  You watch clips of him now and they’re still awesome.  Got a coach who hated the forward pass to throw the ball.  I would put him slightly behind Harmon and Woodson. Harbaugh was the first true big time drop back passer we had.  Incredible talent around him.  He’s probably at the top of a very strong third group. Brady was however very average his junior year (you might even say he sucked), that’s why we had a quarterback controversy when Henson was a sophomore and Brady was a senior.  If you go by college careers alone, not a factor.  Brady did however have the best game a Michigan QB has ever had against Alabama in the Orange Bowl! Where would Michigan have been these four years w/o Mike Hart.  The dropoff is huge and you could say he’s good for 3-4 wins alone per season.   The guy is a freakin horse. I therefore put him right behind AC and in line with Harbaugh. 


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