A win – first team lost 1H; second team won 2H…..


1st Half: NW figured out how to stop Hart/zone blocking of Michigan and a lackluster defense was on the field in the first half.  This team will lose to Purdue, Michigan State, Ohio State, and Wisconsin.  2nd Half:  Chad steps in and stays in (thank god) and opens up the play book.  The “Hart left; Hart left; Hart left” offence of Mallett is opened up with some great plays to Manningham and Arrington (combined for 17 catches for 210 yards).  Crable had a great second half firing the D up to step up their game resulting in 4 sacks for 29 yards, 2 fumbles, and 3 interceptions.  Go D!! This team has a chance to beat Wisconsin and Michigan State  (game I am now watching).   I an still not sure about Purdue or Ohio State – it depends if we bring our A game for 4 quarters… Interesting milestones this week

Chad had a great game today going 18 for 27 for 193 yards, 3 TDs and no INTs.  Henne passes Navarre for highest all time career TDs with 75 vs. 72 – starts the discussion of does Henne belong in the top all time QBs for Michigan.


 Hart passes Morris with another 100 plus yard game with total career yards 4,440 to be #2 all time ball carrier for Michigan and only 32 yards behind the A-Train for the career rushing record.   He is a legitimate Heisman candidate and arguably the best all around back Michigan has ever had.   Hart now holds the Michigan record for 100 plus games at 24 and now close to 900 carries without a fumble – unbelievable! 



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