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Total yards offense per game in NCAA Football

So Navin thinks that it is easier to get yards in the modern era than in the past. 

 Here is a stat I would love to see: average yards of offence/game/season for the big 10 1930-2007.   It should show growth when James indicated the rules changed on blocking….. However, the data I could find dose not support this position (blocking rules changed = more total offence).   Although not apples to apples, I looked at the median offence per game in the big 10 so far this year – 415-430 yds (see NCAA stats site below – kinda cool) http://web1.ncaa.org/d1mfb/2007/Internet/conf%20stats/2007000000827TD.HTML The only historical data I could get was University of Alabama for their average yards of offence/game/season.  See below the sample data – from 1950-1989.  The median is still 415-430 yards per game…..   

Alabama Records 


Year  Avg.

1950 416.2

1964 312.9

1972 409.2

1973 480.7

1977 416.7

1978 403.0

1979 428.6

1983 424.1

1989 434.4 

 I guess the field is still 100 yards long with 11 guys on each side of the ball, but still looking for better data to see if this is true or not(-;


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