Michigan rolls over Purdue: 48 to 21

Well if this was the game we thought would define the season… in August, Michigan seems to be rolling.   Michigan crushed Purdue.  I was deep in the Canadian woods and missed the whole game…  bummer


From what I have read, Michigan was truely dominate.   Mario Manningham was THE man on the field, by setting a new career high with 147 yards on eight catches, resulting in a pair of TDs!

It will be interesting to see how we do in Champlain on Saturday.   As of 1:30 PST, there have been 12 top 10 teams go down to unranked teams this year. GO VANDY(-;  Unbelievable!   The word is flat this year.    I am hoping OSU and Michigan can stay undefeated in the Big 10 until they meet Nov 17th.  However, they have 2 games vs. Illinois, Wisconsin, and MSU (OSU having no issues at the half), and 1 game against an improved PSU.    Odds are against both teams winning from here out.


 Everything seems to be working for Michigan – let’s see if Carr can keep it going. 

What is the status of Hart??????


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